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Lovegra - this is a perfect medicine and thousands of women gain confidence and enjoy of sex. These pills can be called women ‘assistants’. Lovegra is a drug for treating women erectile dysfunction. The usual dose of Lovegra is 100 mg, but it is best to take Lovegra under the supervision of a doctor. Only a doctor can determine the correct dose of any medicine, due to characteristics of your body. A dose of 100 mg is the usual daily dose.

Do not take Lovegra more than once every 24 hours (and do not take the medicine in a double dose). If for any reason you are not satisfied with the result - you can increase the dose only after consulting to a doctor, and in accordance with the instructions. Do not take Lovegra every day. Lovegra should be taken 1 hour before sexual activity with a glass of water. In the world there is no medicine with any side effects and Lovegra is no exception.

Occurrence of side effects for each person is individual and depends from many factors, as tablets react to every body in different ways. Major side effects include allergies, swelling of face, lips, skin rash, itching, changes in blood pressure, hearing, vision, diarrhea, upset stomach, and others. Lovegra does not usually have significant side effects but keep in mind that before taking this medicine you should consult to your doctor to find the right dose. If you have a chronic illness or any health problems you should consult with your doctor before taking. If after taking Lovegra you have observed any side effects - consult your health care provider immediately. It should be noted again that action of the drug are very different on the each person. That’s why you should prevent overdose as well as carefully monitor the response of the body. If the side effects will bring you significant discomfort or pain you need call to ambulance as soon as possible!

Lovegra does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases so use condoms during sexual act. You should keep Lovegra at room temperature away from reach of children. You should not store this medicine in the bathroom. You should not take this medicine after the expiration date - it may be detrimental to your health.

Buy Lovegra and improve your sexual life. Surprise your man with your sexual activity and he will love you more and more because sexual activity is very important for your relationships.

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Buy Lovegra

What is Lovegra? Let's find out what is Lovegra and why you need to buy Lovegra? Lovegra - is Viagra for women. Lovegra is produced in the form of pink tablets containing 100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate and used to increase sexual desire in women.

The effect of the Lovegra lasts up to 5 hours. Lovegra drugs are for treatment of sexual dysfunction in women. Lovegra stimulates the female genital organs by the blood flow to the vagina and by increasing the sensitivity of the clitoris. Due to this effects woman reaches orgasm much faster and brighter as well as man becomes more desirable for her. Lovegra showed an excellent result of the effect on sexual activity of women including a full sexual satisfaction.

Here is a Lovegra review of one of the men: "My wife was indifferent to sex. She was increasingly engaged in home work, in business..but not in me. She just did not want sex. I decided to talk about it and she said that she simply does not want sex. Why? Just because she had vaginal dryness due to insufficient blood supply so she didn’t want sex at all. Usually it happens because of lack of an enzyme that increases blood flow to the genitals. I’d started read about this problem and once I saw Lovegra tablets in one of the online drug stores which offer to buy Lovegra online. Lovegra contains an enzyme that increases blood flow to the vagina and enhances the activity of the clitoris. Due to this vagina becomes wet throughout sexual intercourse. When my wife tried Lovegra I was in seventh heaven. Firstly, she has become more active in sex. Her clit was very sensitive and my touch brought her incomparable pleasure. She quickened, breathing heavily, moaning and wanted sex a lot. Her pussy was so wet and sensitive clitoris that she literally dragged me into bed and we were engaged in rough great sex for 4 hours without a break. She really enjoyed the night (as I am). After the reception I buy Lovegra online package and my wife take Lovegra before sexual act. After a few takes and perfect sexual nights she wants sex without Lovegra pills, because after the last sexual acts she had positive emotions and reached orgasm. I want to say big Thanks to manufactures of Lovegra tablets, as after Lovegra buy and take our sex life was revived with new strength and emotions!" (Dylan).